A Penumbral Eclipse!

While Last week (October 4th-10th) was World Space Week … This week has a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse!

The eclipse will happen the night of October 18th until the Morning of the October 19th.

The Full Moon will  pass through the outer bright rim of Earth’s shadow. It will be a more subtle effect than a total or partial lunar eclipse, which occurs when the Moon enters the dark inner core of the Earth’s shadow.

If you reside in the Americas (East Coast), Europe, Africa, or in most of Asia (the beginning of the eclipse will be visible in Eastern Asia) you should notice a slight shading on the lower southern part the Moon around  7:51 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time. Friday night’s Penumbral Eclipse will  be 3 hours and 59 minutes long and 76.5% of the  Moon will be immersed in the penumbra at the peak.

For that Space-themed Birthday Party we have a Great Free Printable! a 6 Page PDF file with 12 Different Space Bingo Cards! Print the Cards on thin Cardboard, or print on paper and glue to thin card. (Cut one card up so that you can call out the Images that will result in your BINGO winner!