Paddy the Pirate

Paddy the Pirate Piñata (along with a Deluxe Pirate Party for 12) will be at the St. George’s School Fair tomorrow May 3, 2014.

He will be at the Silent Auction Table. Check out the fair and make a bid … you can take Paddy Home and make him “Walk the Plank”! (His head is full of Swag).

Contest Closed


Peter the Piñata Prize-Drawing

To Enter the Raffle:

or best of all watch the Making of Peter the Piñata on Youtube

Raffle ends last day of March.

Our Peter the Pirate Pinata is named after Peter Easton (1570-16??).

Peter was one of the most successful pirates that ever lived – he was never captured and operated along the Newfoundland Coastline between Harbour Grace and Ferryland.

He served as a Privateer under Queen Elizabeth 1 protecting the Newfoundland fishing fleet from all enemies (especially the Spanish).

When Queen Elizabeth 1 was replaced by James 1-who sued for peace with Spain- and did away with all the privateers … but Easton continued as before and in doing so became a pirate.

Easton attacked ships in the Mediterranean, West Indies and even managed to blockade the Bristol Channel.

His headquarters in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland and with a fleet of 10 pirate ships he raided ships along the Newfoundland coast,   all the while forcing fisherman into service for him.

On one of his famous exploits he raided 30 ships in St. John’s, Nfld and took Sir Richard Whitbourne hostage releasing him on the condition that he obtain a pardon for Easton  (which he did). (Whitbourne was a famous Colonist and Author who was  sent to bring Law and Order to Newfoundland.)

Peter Easton is reported to have retired to what is now the French Riviera with 2 million pounds of gold!

Contest Closed