Socks is ready to Hit the Road again!

Socks, our resident sock monkey is keen to go travelling again! Anyone interested in hosting the monkey? He is small (fits in an envelope) and he is house-trained!

We send him out to you with the return postage …. and then you snap a few photos of his visit (which you send to us) and pop him back in the mail. As a thank you to you we then send out a box of fun toys for hosting the monkey!

Please contact us  with your town and ages/genders of your kiddos and we will try to work out an itinerary!



Sock Monkey in England!

The Sock Monkey in England! Sock Monkey had a fantastic time in England (is now headed to Western Canada). His heart (and ours too) go out to all the victims of flooding in the U.K.

A Big thank you to his Fabulous Hosts in England!!! If anyone would like the monkey to visit please let us know – it might take awhile (he has one stop to make before he heads home to Vancouver).