The First Space Walk


Oops … although we posted this on our Facebook … We forgot to post here (still interesting though – so we’ve posted it late – better late than never we always say )

…and is as follows:

Today- March 18th – it’s been almost 50 years since Alexei Leonov became the first human to spacewalk. See the youtube video here
Mr Leonov has had an astonishing life: a real renaissance man – accomplished artist, astronaut, athlete, pilot, banker.

He cheated death not only during the spacewalks … but several times: a parachute accident,his car plunging into a frozen lake, during Brezhnev’s assassination attempt. The artwork is his “Near the Moon”. He brought coloured pencils into space where he did a lot of sketching. The kids don’t seem to be as fascinated by space exploration as I was as a kid – but for those that are – check out our Space Party Help!