Firefighter Party Help








Who doesn’t love firefighters? What fun for the birthday boy (or girl) to be a firefighter for the day!

Firefighter Party Invitation Wording

Save a life. Firefighters are cool!
Be a hero. Firefighters rule.
We’ll have hats and hoses
and ladders too…
This party is for heroes like you!

Firefighter Party Decorations

  • Decorate with lots of red. Red Balloons and streamers.
  • Twist Red/Orange/Yellow Streamers and tape them to the floor and ceiling/wall like fire.
  • Put some streamers in the windows to look like fire. (This can also be done with red/orange/yellow twisting balloons).
  • You can have a welcome sign welcoming your guests to your “Fire Station” or Ladder________ (use your address number).
  • Display the fire extinguishers that you have in your house as decorations (if you don’t have any you should buy at least one for your kitchen).
  • Cardboard can be cut into a simple firetruck shape and painted with details, (often very simple is best).
  • Bring out all the Dalmatian dogs you have
  • You can have Fire Safety Instructions on display for the kids to check out.
  • Make a fire alarm for the wall (use painted cardboard, black duct tape and a pie plate).
  • Hang up a bell if you have it (You can ring it oeach time a guest arrives).
  • Put all the fire trucks you own out for decoration.


Firefighter Party Activities

Firefighter Visit

One great thing to do (if you can pull it off) is to ask the local firehall to send a truck over and give the children a quick tour (firehalls often do offer this service). It would be best to offer a donation to their burn fund as a thank you. It is best not to mention this to the children as if the firefighters are called out they won’t be able to attend and the children will be disappointed. They may get called out while at the kid’s party, (in which case the children will have the excitement of seeing the firetruck speed off in order to help somebody in trouble.)
Some firehalls will allow visits.


  • Decorate a limbo pole with paper flames (there is nothing more amusing then seeing people limbo – get the parents involved too!)
  • Make a fire truck from an appliance box (paint it red, hotglue on a rope ladder, add foil plate headlights and tires and painted plastic tubs, aluminum foil) – the kids will love it!
  • Make Firefighter badges out of fimo/sculpy and pinbacks.
  • Have a timed “Bucket Brigade” and see how much water each team can transport from one end of the yard to the other.
  • Read a book about Firefighters (Robert Munsch has a humourous one).
  • Hide “fire” (red tissue paper/card cutouts) and have the kids “find it and put it out in the bucket” to “douse it” … you could give them a set amount of time.
  • For older children you could give them 5 minutes at the beginning of the party to formulate a fire safety exit plan, and warn them them if the bell goes off their group will have to implement their exit plan. (An hour or so later set off the smoke alarm and watch them scramble! … first group out wins) This one is exciting!

Firefighter Obstacle Race

  • Have an obstacle race for the firefighters to show their mettle, by having them:
  • Save a cat (stuffed toy) in a tree
  • Ride a “truck” (any wagon or toy car will do)
  • Put out a fire (knock something over with a water gun – like a plastic water bottle decorated with paper flames)
  • Get dressed (put on an old raincoat decorated with silver duct tape and put on huge rubber boots),
  • Roll/unroll a hose (garden hose would do
  • Throw water balloons at a target (a picture of a house in flames).
  • Break through a wall with their fireman ax (any plastic ax-like item would do – and they can break through a crepe paper/plastic/paper window or wall).
  • Sound the Alarm (ring the bell when they finish the race to signal the next firefighter to start).
  • Have them walk (carefully) around “fire” (red streamers suspended from the ceiling) so that they don’t get “burnt”
  • Have them “stop/drop and roll” their way across the room/yard.

Firefighter Party Food

Firefighter Party Cake

Make a fire truck by cutting 2 sheet cakes and assembling and decorating with red icing.
We always use the concentrated Wilton Icing although red is the most difficult icing colour to make (it often comes out pink!). Work at the icing until you get the right colour, and remember that the icing will dry a little darker than it looks (you may want to do some of the cake white/yellow/black and accent with red (especially if you have a sensitivity to red dye).
There are many things you can use to decorate your firetruck cake (silver drages, oreo cookies as wheels, all sorts, licorice for ladders and trim, jawbreakers, chiclets…etc)
For a red cake inside and out make it a Red Velvet Cake

  • BBQ can be nice … especially over a real charcoal fire.
  • Serve 2 Alarm chili