About Us

Party Fun Box was founded by a sister/brother team. One from Vancouver, one from Halifax. (We ship out of Vancouver). Together we're determined to spread party fun across this great nation, one child's smile at a time. If that sounds over the top, you should see our party fun boxes

Are you disappointed by ordering party boxes and getting more box than party? There's more to a party than paper plates. All of our parties are crafted with the understanding that parties can be stressful occasions. You want to put on a party to remember, but sometimes you just don't have the time, nor the energy. We take care of everything. No need to run from store to store, stressing about the details.  

With Party Fun Box's expert advice and boxes loaded with fun. Having a fun (and smoothly run) party is just a few clicks away. I always remind myself, they'll only be young once.

Have a fun party this year.