Party Do’s and Don’ts

Party Don’ts

NOT Having a "Party Starter"

You should have a simple activity planned like a craft.

This way you keep the kiddies occupied while the stragglers come in. (Some Parents will be later than others LOL).

Make sure that the craft is a simple one (you don’t want a craft that will run into an hour and then not have time for the rest of the party.

You do need to keep to a schedule.

(Pre-cutting and partial-assembly is highly recommended).

Getting Few/Bad Photos

Recharge Batteries the Day Before

Make sure that your Memory Card is Empty!

Always get a “Pre-Party” Pic (to see your Decorations in all their Glory!)

Always get a Group Shot (so you can remember who was there!)

Have an AMWAC (A Mother with a Camera) or a Neighbourhood teen take pictures – you won’t be able too!

It’s fun to set up a Video Camera on a Tripod and Catch the Action!  Give interviews to the partygoers (always fun!)

Turn OFF the flash for the birthday cake and candles! (use tripod)

Party Mistake No 3

NOT Starting Early Enough

If you start early enough…

For a Home Party: You will have time to make decorations for very little money

For a Party Elsewhere:

You’ll secure the Venue/Entertainer that you want  and You’ll have time to adjust the date before sending out the invites if needed.

You’ll have a better turnout with children if they have lots of notice.

This will reduce your stress immensely if you start 2 months out and do it all little bit by little bit!

Party Mistake No 2

NOT Discussing the Party with the Birthday Child

Before you decide the Party Particulars discuss it with the Birthday Child!

This will get the child “on board” and the child will be more helpful with the party prep and will be pleased with the party.

A bug-loving child doesn’t want a firefighter party after all!

Party Mistake No 4 copy

NOT Enlisting Help

Make sure you Don’t Go it Alone!

Enlist the Help of : Some of the Parents (Helpful Ones) Relatives – Aunts, Uncles,Grandparents, Friendly Neighbours.

Don’t Use Older Siblings or Teens for Kid Wrangling (as they don’t usually have the authority to control the kids)

Teens are great for taking pictures or easier tasks!

For activities … an absolute must is to set up “Game Stations” manned by helpers – this way the kids don’t have to wait to play (less fussing this way!)

Being Competitive

Trying to Keep “Up with Joneses” is No Fun!

You can Have a Cheap yet Epic Party!

The Kids just want to Play and Have Fun

(They don’t care how Elegant the Invites!)

Have a Party that is Too Long

It’s Nice to Be Ambitious … However …

the Gold Standard is around 2 Hours (give or take a half hour).

If you Go Longer than this you need to have Excellent Kid Wrangling Skills (or the Kids are Older and less Needy)

Not Picking a Theme

When you Pick a Theme… It makes it easier by narrowing the focus.

Will make the party more inviting and more fun.

Inviting Too Many

Invite In Only the Helping Parents – You Can’t Fight a “War on 2 Fronts” Entertaining both Kids and Adults!

Be Very Clear about Which Siblings will be attending (keep in mind that a mix of ages makes the party more challenging to run!

Confirm those RSVPS early so that you know your Numbers

Don’t even THINK about Inviting the Whole Class!!

Not Having Enough Activities

  • Activities are Important!
  • Have a Long List Prepared
  • Set up those Game Stations
  • Simple Traditional Classic Games Work Great (like Marbles)
  • Pick the Activity to Suit the Mood : Quiet , Silly Lively , Wild.
  • Certain Activities are Real Winners: Treasure Hunts, Races, Pin-the-Tail, and Pinata (be very Careful with the Pinata Stick).
  • Keep the Party Activities Flowing or You will get Boredom setting in or worse – Chaos!
  • Many Children just love to “Free Play” with their Buddies (Great for the Younger and Older Kids!)