Party Pep Talk

Yikes! I have to throw a Kid’s Party! … How can I pull this off?

Planning a kid’s theme party can be stressful, but  it doesn’t have to be! We have lots of tips, party help and free printables on the site… and links to birthday party vendors!

Can Sock Monkey Visit me?

Absolutely! Just let us know and we can try  to put your town on his itinerary.

How can I spend Less?

We have 19 themes and counting – we love the classic themes – like pirate and princess parties. If you avoid the “branded products” (have a “Safari Party” instead of a “Dora” party as we feel  there is more value both for your wallet and your child’s imagination in the unbranded products.)

Check out our “Cheapskate Guide”!

The hardest thing is to pick the theme,once you decide on that, the rest is a piece of cake!

If you decide on a theme months before the party…when you find awesome deals/sales in the shops when you are “around town”… you can snap them up!

What to do at the party?

The best part is the vast amount of help that we have on the site: ideas galore, checklists , games , free printable games and decorations that can help you put on a kid’s party that both you and your child will love!

Kids just want to play … More activities and less stuff! (Something as simple as a game of tag is exciting these days …when kids have so much screen time).

Let’s bring back play and traditional kid’s parties!

They are only young once and their birthday comes just once a year – it doesn’t have to be perfect  and it doesn’t have to cost that much – but it does have to be fun!