Party Photo-ops – How to

Kid’s Party Photo-ops

It’s great to get a few mementos of the day in the form of some photos, especially after putting so much
effort into the party!

High school kids can be paid to run around and take pictures … while you are in your role of party meister/kid wrangler. While you are running a party it is almost impossible to take pictures. With the young children, you will you need to be in control all the time organizing/wrangling.









If you have an AMWAC (Another Mother With A Camera) as a friend, ask her to take pictures for you.

Party “Shot List” Pointers

1. Take a “Pre-Party Shot” before guests arrive so that you have a permanent record of all her hard work decorating for the party.

2. Always insist of a “Group Shot”, it can be a bit of a hassle, but, if you don’t have it you will regret it, and will forget years later who was at the party. The group shot is extra adorable if all the guests make even a little effort to dress for the party.
  • Spy parties-the kids wear black
  • Cowboy parties – flannel shirts and jeans
  • Princess parties – fancy dresses
  • Circus party – bright clothes in clashing colours

3. Don’t forget to break out the costume items like hats (hats can be sent home with each party-goer).

4. Mid-party is a good time for photos, when the kids are in the groove and comfortable with each other, (but not the party end as some children might be leaving early).

5. Try to get an “individual shot” of each child.

 It’s also very amusing to use a giant poster with a face hole cutout like those joke carnival “put your head in the hole” attractions. To produce a large enough poster – check out  the poste-razor or block poster programs. These programs (and others) let you make a huge (any size) poster out of regular white office paper. You print the poster off piecemeal on to regular white paper and then tape the pieces of paper together and cut out the hole… then you can hang the poster in a doorway. (You can also tape the final result onto posterboard making it more durable.)

6. You can send the digital pictures along to the email addresses on the sign-in sheet.

For distributing photos after the party use the free “dropbox” program, load up all the pictures and label them accordingly (bug party-johnny) and send the parents the link to the dropbox. Then the parents can take a peek, and download the picture if they like it.

7. Consider setting up a photo booth and assemble some fun props!

8. Oh… and turn off your flash for the “blow the candles out” shot … (much better that way). Use a tripod or brace yourself and peel off 5-6 shots in rapid succession (one will be in focus!)