Party Presents and Thank you’s – How to

Birthday Party Presents

We have tried asking guests to not bring presents or bring nominal small modest gifts … but no one has ever listened to us, although it is a good idea to try to keep it under control ( it can be overwhelming the amount of stuff that a birthday child can receive).

In some countries presents are opened in private but it seems in North America the presents are generally opened in front of the guests.

Sometimes we have the kids spin a bottle or devise a method so that the party-opening order is random and orderly. Often some cute photos can be taken if you zoom in on the child’s face while they open presents (some of the expressions can be priceless).

Keeping Track 

One tip is to have one of the helpful moms (who have stayed for the party) write down the gift and the gift giver’s name, this can be done on the card or a piece of paper.  This is essential because sometimes (believe it or not) after the flurry of excitement and ripping gift wrap …..there can be a few instances where, post party no one will remember who gave what.

It is a bit embarrassing to put on the Thank you Card….. “Thank you for the Lovely “Present” (without mentioning what it is…..).


Thank You Cards

It is always wonderful to get a Thank You card in the mail after the fact… it is a lovely gesture, although it can be like pulling teeth to get a young child to fill out the cards.







Easy Thank you cards 

Have the birthday child dictate a brief message to you (which you write down verbatim), and then have the child simply sign his/her name. You will have all the addresses on the sign-in sheet.

Sending Thank-you’s is a very good habit to get into, we have a rule that you can’t use a gift until you send out the Thank You.