Party Treasure Hunt and Loot Bags – How to

Party Treasure Hunts

Stage a Treasure Hunt/Scavenger hunt/Search if at all possible.

You will find that it is usually the party highlight. If it isn’t that much fun for you to have kids tearing around your home, (they will enjoy it !)… try the backyard or local park.

For older children it can be fun to search around a shopping mall with pictures of things to find or getting clues from shopkeepers, (lots of shopkeepers don’t mind helping out with clues, but in all fairness you should make a purchase, to thank them for their effort).



Treasure Hunt Variations

  • First Search clue is IN the Pinata, so after the pinata breaks … the clue sends them  off searching!
  • The search leads TO the Pinata .
  • The search leads TO the Loot Bags.
  • The search can be to avoid PERIL ( a Spy “Bomb” is set to go  “off” – use  kitchen timer – the children need to find the diffusing instructions).

Making Clues

When making up clues – make them a bit on the tough side, so that the children need a hint or two…This way you can pace the search, and have a bit of control over how the search progresses.

If the clues are too easy, then the older children run around quickly leaving younger children in the dust, (and don’t have to work very hard for the reward.) It can be  anti-climactic if the search is over 5 minutes after it starts.


Loot Bags

You can put anything in the Lootbags. We believe it is better to have a useful thing or two than a whole bag full of “little bits of nothing”. Tiny erasers never get used and are only good for collecting dust. It is depressing when the kids get things that break before being used even once.


If budget is an issue, there are things like stickers that the children will use and are inexpensive. Let your creativity shine … We once received a silk pouch filled with lavender from the garden and it is still in use.

Paper Lunch bags are fun to decorate and are a good size for loot bags.  If money is tight then you might want to consider putting the money into a really nice craft item, which can be turned into something really special with the child’s (priceless) creativity!

We really love themed hats, because they are so much fun to wear and add to the ambiance of the party!